Seizing the Moment: What’s on your bucket list?

The world today

A pandemic, climate change…the world we live in has been going through a lot the last couple of years and who knows when this turbulent time will end. It reminds me to enjoy the moment and really get focused on joyful things I can plan in the short to medium turn, rather than only think about long-term plans.

I started thinking about it when I realised I have been fortunate to have a run of female clients, over the last few months.  I did wonder why there was a sudden influx, as my advertising has been female friendly for years and that hadn’t changed. While I was contemplating this question, I happened to stumble upon an article that addressed some of the non-physical ways people are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the points was that the Coronavirus has made many people realise that life can change in an instant and we all need to seize the moment.  I am certainly doing that.  A cancer diagnosis of an immediate family member made me decide to stop just talking about it and just do it!  

Just before this virus exploded I started ticking off items on my bucket list and although the travel restrictions have delayed visiting some of the international destinations I want to get to,  I am making progress with other things.  Learning a martial art, attending a women’s circle where we all got in contact with our inner Goddess.  Just trying things outside my usual comfort zone. It’s been immensely satisfying to be achieving some of my goals at last.

Do you have some sexy stuff on your to-do list?  Perhaps you want a threesome, or you are a couple looking for a third? Perhaps there’s an escort you’d love to spend time with, but you’ve never got around to organising it?  Let me encourage you to take the initiative, send that text, book a date.  The one thing the last few years has taught us is that we have no idea what’s waiting for us, just around the corner! Act now, before we all return to whatever new normal life presents and we find that once again we are caught up in the grind with little time for ourselves.

I always remind myself, life isn’t a dress rehearsal and this is the only chance we get – so go for it!!

Love always to my friends & lovers,

Carla xxx