Advice for First Time Couples

I am fortunate enough to see a lot of couples. About 50% of my clients are male / female duos and many of these are newbies, or couples who are early in their threesome explorations.

Some may have had one previous experience, which was ok, or perhaps which didn’t go quite as well as had been hoped, for a variety of reasons. Other couples are genuine first timers with no prior experience.  What they all have in common is that they had been discussing their first experience for a long time; always months, often years, occasionally decades. 

I encourage both parties to be clear on hard boundaries before our rendezvous. What are the things that are NOT to happen during the evening.  Then let’s talk about what you would like to happen.  Who will be the centre of attention?  It is normally the female partner – is that how you both envisage the evening to play out?  Being clear on everyone’s role is so important to ensure the night ends with smiles and laughter!

A drink in the hotel bar always eases nerves and helps with flirting, getting to know each other and breaking the ice, then to the room to examine my bag of toys and any you may have brought.  By the time I’ve lit the candles, put on your favourite music to play through my speaker and got us gently touching on the bed, I can see from both your happy, smiling faces the jittery first-timer nerves have dissipated.

The end of our evening together brings some recapping of the highlights of your favourite parts. A particularly loud orgasm, a sexy moment that could have been a contender for a blooper – and we laugh the joyous laughter of the sexually satiated while reminiscing.  I smile to myself while packing up, knowing there will be a lot more reflecting and re-living of the night to do over the next few days for you both.  I call this the ‘extended post-mortem’ when you think back to every part of the threesome, dissecting it, reminding yourselves what it was like. Couples often message me after to tell me how much pleasure reliving it after brings them.  Music to my ears!

Looking forward to our sexy evening together!

Carla xxx