Gift giving during Covid

Some colleagues and I were discussing how clients with the best of intents, can be a little tone deaf, during Covid.  Us Melbourne workers are now suffering during a second lockdown as we are unable to visit clients in hotels and of course my parlour peers are still unable to work at all and a number of well-meaning clients have sent good wishes and……soa and chocolate vouchers to their regular ladies.

Now, I absolutely love spa vouchers.  The spa at Crown is a big favourite. However anyone who has been following the news of late would know that Melbourne is in lockdown and we can’t avail ourselves of any services at day spas!
As for yummy chocolates, well, many of us have a sweet tooth and love praline and truffles  but perhaps when things are really really tough and money is scarce, maybe a Woolies or Coles voucher might be more useful?
We don’t want to sound ungrateful, but if you feel that giving cash is vulgar or gauche (it’s not!) or if your preferred lady doesn’t offer online services you can support, giving something a bit more practical in these really challenging times and saving sexy gifts for when life returns to whatever the ‘new normal’ becomes, is hugely appreciated 🙂