Planning for the Future: 3 things I hope to achieve

Carla has been out in the world since April 2016, when I put up my first ad. However, I did have previous experience in the world of escorting, having got through both my first degrees with income from this demi-monde.

Now in my seventh year of private companionship as Carla, I have been reflecting on what else I would like to accomplish:

1. Travel
Covid came at a most inconvenient time!  A long-term lover had booked to take me to the US in 2020 for ten days and that all went down the gurgler.  I have been on some wonderful trips with clients: a cruise, Bali for NYE and a number of sunny breaks in Queensland, but I’d still like to do more. I’ve always loved to travel and have seen a lot of the world and crave new adventures.  Care to join me? 🙂 

2. Advertising
I dream of the day when I can stop advertising. Seeing new people always has an element or risk and I love the familiarity that comes from having dozens of dates with the same person or people.  When we meet it really is like old friends re-uniting. I am getting there, but in this industry some people will of course stop engaging as they have found a permanent partner (and I’m happy for them!) so there is always some attrition.

3. Minimum booking time

I am not a fan of quickies.  Especially when I meet a new person, I want to take time flirting and getting to know them, so the chemistry between us starts to build and ends in a crescendo of satisfaction.  I am in this for the pleasure too!

In the future, I would like to have my 5 hour dinner date package as my minimum offering.  Is that feasible?  Perhaps.  Years ago I met a male escort in London whose minimum booking was 24 hours! Something for me to ponder on.

Signing off now with love to all my lovers and readers. 

Love,Carla xxx