Testimonial – Joe
November 11, 2019

Original testimonial appears on Scarlet Blue

I met the effervescent Ms Rinaldi on a first time trip to Australia. I had wanted to see a companion for many years, but wanted to do it in a country where it is legal, so was real determined to wait until business took me somewhere where it was all above board.

I wasn’t disappointed I had to wait a while to meet Carla., as she was worth the wait Her eyes are the most amazing color. A bluish green flecked with gold and she has beautiful soft long hair. Other attributes are obvious from her photos, so I neednt take about that !!

I won”t talk about the private things that happened after dinner , as Carla said she doesn’t like to read graphic accounts of her dates online, but I wanted people to know this gal is beautiful, smart and as warm as can be. I was so nervous and she instantly put me at ease.