Testimonial – John
June 3, 2018

Original testimonial appears on Scarlet Blue

I had the great pleasure of Aubrey Black and Carla Rinaldi. I’ve been with Aubrey many times and she has suggested to have a joint booking with Carla. You could not get a better pair, Aubrey the international porn star with Carla , the curvy girl next door, with the most amazing natural boobs and piercing eyes. The chemistry between two was on show as soon as I walked in the room. 

Like usual booking with Aubrey was easy, Aubrey also arranged Carla. I was greeted at the door with the usual cheeky grin of Aubrey and a lovely passionate kiss, she introduced Carla, and after some small talk ( and the business part taken care off) Aubrey was already starting to kiss Carla, we moved into the bedroom where both the ladies looked after me, both great at BBBJ. Carla loves oral on her, she has a lovely noisy and physical orgasm, really enjoyed got into it. As this was going on Aubrey was just playing with Carla’s natural boobs. After oral on Aubrey, they both just wanted cock inside them , nothing better than going from one to the other in different positions, then pulling out and blowing over Carla’s boobs. Aubrey could not resist taking some photos for Carla’s cum covered boobs. It was time for chat, well the girls told some great stories about life, of course no names were mentioned, but it was very entertaining. Aubrey thought I better have a another round before time was up, the girls took in turns in getting me going , whilst playing with each other, amazing sight.

All in all a great time, do yourself a favour, whilst Aubrey is in Melbourne, book them. If you can’t afford both, either are fantastic. And for us Melbourne , Carla is always here.