Testimonial – CJ
January 12, 2018

Original testimonial appears on Scarlet Blue

Where do we start?

We met with Carla for 3 wonderful hours, and she did not disappoint. What a gorgeous, intelligent woman. Total class act all the way.

My husband and I had been looking for the perfect person to spend some time with, and we were very nervous!

The minute Carla walked in to our hotel room we knew she was perfect for us. 

Carla is so sweet and very easy to talk to … and we instantly connected.

She is incredibly professional, yet loads of fun. Her communication is fantastic (leading up to our date and during), I have never felt so at ease with someone, my heart was beating so fast leading up to the night and all the nerves just dissipated as soon as we started chatting. 

She has skin like silk! The body of a queen! You won’t regret making a booking, Carla is the whole package.

Thank you Carla for allowing us to share such an intimate experience with a gorgeous person like yourself, you are an absolute darling.