Testimonial – Sexy Geek
April 14, 2018

Original testimonial appears on Scarlet Blue

After a long time spent in anticipation and excitement I sat in the hotel lobby waiting for Carla to arrive. When she did and we went to the room it was the start of an evening I’ll never forget. 

I spent 5 hours with Carla every moment was wonderful. Carla knows how transform a uniform hotel room into something atmospheric and romantic. I find it hard to describe in words how wonderful the first part of the booking was, in candle light with Carla fulfilling the requests I made. Let’s just say it was better than what I had imagined during the lead up to the booking. Carla is also a great masseuse and surprised me with amazing massage that left me completely relaxed. We ate and watched a movie together doing some “netflix and chill” and Carla is great company. After some more fun sexy times and intimate cuddles it was time for her to leave and after she left I was so happy and had a spring in my step for the next day. I’d book Carla again in a heartbeat.