Authentic connections and longer dates

I get asked quite a lot why I only take a handful of dates each month and why no short bookings.

There are a few reasons ranging from pragmatic to personal preference.
The practical ones include getting ready once for a four hour booking, rather than the preparation required times to go to one hour dates, on four occasions.   It takes me as long to get ready each time, then to go home after an hour? No way!  The other practical consideration is the mitigation of risk. The less people I see, the less chance I am exposed to Covid, STIs or other nasties. 

Personal preference is the biggest consideration though. I do strive to connect with you genuinely.  I enjoy finding something to be drawn to in every client I see and that doesn’t happen after 30 seconds.  Having a drink first, maybe something light to eat and establishing rapport, while letting our pheromones work to create a flirtatious environment is so much sexier than just getting naked immediately.  Conversation is my favourite form of foreplay, preferably with a glass of Champagne or cocktail in hand!

So save up a little longer until you can fit a few hours or an evening into your budget.  The end result is worth the wait, I promise. 

Carla xxx