A tricky topic – falling in love at work

I was asked by a married couple I saw recently if I’d ever fallen in love with a client.  It’s not something I think about often, although I’ve had some interesting conversations with peers on this very topic.

I do become attached to people I see regularly and when for whatever reason we haven’t been able to catch-up *curses Covid border closures* I keep in touch by phone, email or Zoom.  I don’t charge for this type of contact as long as it stays in what I consider the ‘normal, non-obsessive’ kind.  After all, I keep in touch with my much-loved friends, why wouldn’t I keep in contact with my adored clients too? They are like friends with benefits.  I actually enjoy hearing what they’ve been getting up to between our catch-ups and of course, it’s always lovely to plan our next time together too.

Has this connection ever led to a relationship?  No. This doesn’t mean I haven’t treasured the intimacy and closeness with clients I have spent extended time with.  My regular clients know me better than my family do and I feel so privileged to have become an integral part of their lives, as they are mine. 

The close connection between an escort and client doesn’t need to be a relationship in the making and I’ve seen a few clients tie themselves in knots when their romantic feelings aren’t reciprocated.  
I believe if you come to the world of escorting looking for love, you are bound to be disappointed. If you come looking for sexy good times and fabulous company, you’re likely to leave with a big smile on your face.

Carla xxx