A Day in the Life of Carla

8am – it’s a Saturday so I make the most of lying in bed and having a leisurely morning and slow start to the day. I don’t feel like rushing. I can’t be bothered, so I look at my phone, respond to any legitimate enquiries and roll my eyes at the “u avail” messages that were sent at 2am and 4.30am. Common occurrence for a Friday night. 

9am – I get up, let the doggies out for a backyard visit, make my breakfast before retiring back to bed for doggie cuddles. I plan my day out over the next hour, interrupted by the occasional Tweet or FB post, then am really ready to get up. I check my work bag and put on charge any toys I suspect may be running low. I have a couple booking tonight and I hate being caught out when something goes unexpectedly flat! 

10am – call in at my local nail salon for a pedicure as my toes are starting to look a bit shabby.  I’m classic and only ever have OPI Big Apple Red.  I never choose another colour. 

11am – I’m ready for my first hot drink of the day and pop over the road to grab a very hot soy chai, before dashing home. Time to take the dogs on a walk before my hair appointment.

12.30pm – back from the park I have another shower as running around with two crazy  staffies had me hot and sweaty.  I pull on my jeans and wait for an Uber for the city. 

1pm – I arrive at the salon my hairdresser owns and works in solo, to find as is often the case, she’s running behind.  I try and keep my expression nonchalant (I’ve been told I wouldn’t be a good poker player!) and fiddle with my phone while she finishes the client before me. She is a good friend as well as being my hairdresser and I’m not really annoyed, I just wish she’d give me a bit more notice, so I could rush less.

3.30pm – my hair looks great and my impatience from earlier has completely vanished.  I rush out of the salon, calling an Uber to my usual pick-up spot on Collins Street and head home.  I eat a late lunch as I know my next food won’t be after I get home from my three hour couples booking and I doubt I’ll be home before 10pm.

4.30pm – I allow myself 30 minutes to rest and collect my thoughts, planning what lingerie I shall wear. Tonight’s couple are newbies so as is my usual style, I shall stick to something classic and black.

6pm – make-up done, I pull on one of my favourite slinky black dresses, step into a pair of black sandals and squirt a little hairspray in place to stop it flying everywhere. I pull a wrap around me, pick up my very heavy work bag (all those toys!) and depart for the city.

6.20pm – I am sitting in the hotel bar, sending a text to the couple letting them know whereabouts I am sitting and what I am wearing and within 5 minutes I see them enter the bar and look around expectantly.

9.45pm – sitting in the back of an Uber heading home, I am thankful for the mask mandate, as it hides my big grin. What a wonderful evening!  This is the most fabulous occupation and I am so privileged to meet the people I do.

10.05pm – I arrive home, have a shower, make myself food and collapse into bed, munching on dinner.  I watch a show on my laptop, while doing some emails, messaging friends and cuddling the dogs. Promising that tomorrow will be a gym day, I switch the light off about 11.50pm.