Seeing an escort for the first time? 7 pieces of advice for you.

I have some advice for newbies to the world of private companionship.  This should make your first experience more enjoyable for you and your escort.

1) Have a look for your person of choice on one of the more reputable advertising boards.  Ivy Société is one I recommend and Scarlet Blue is usually at the top of search engine results.  Avoid the trash sites like Locanto and Craig’s List.  If the escort has their own website this also adds credence to the person being legitimate. 

2) See someone with testimonials. It gives you an idea of how long the person has been around for.  Choose someone who has some longevity in the industry.  Fly-by-nights don’t last for years in this industry and knowing the person has been around for a while will help you feel comfortable about paying a deposit.

3) Be clear on the experience you are after. If you want a sensual girlfriend experience, state this in your initial enquiry.  This is especially true if you are looking for something less common, like fetish play, Greek or golden showers.  Never surprise your escort with a last minute request!  Many special requests require advance preparation and your escort will need to schedule this into the time they have put aside to get ready for your date. 

4) Structure a short, polite message introducing yourself.  For example “Hello Carla, I saw your advertisement on Ivy Société and am interesting in seeing you for a two hour girlfriend experience on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  I shall be staying in a CBD hotel.  Do you have availability?”

Please do not message saying just “Hi” or “Hi, how are you?”  This makes you look like a timewaster.

There is no need to mention your age, appearance or ethnicity unless the escort has requested for you to note your age.  I hate getting enquiries stating “Hi Carla, I’m a 30 year old buff white guy”  It comes across as racist to state your ethnicity (usually only people claiming to be white do it – and white isn’t a nationality) and as long as you are over 18 years, your age is irrelevant to me. Whether you are fit or otherwise is also not important.

I see all clients who follow the booking process and pay a deposit.  Your appearance is unimportant to our time together.  Your politeness, cleanliness and consideration are key. 

5) Give us enough notice.  Many escorts do not take same day bookings.  We may have a family, friends, other work and study. We are juggling many balls and you saying “Available now?” just won’t get any cut through. Plan ahead.  I take bookings up to 12 months in advance, but many escorts don’t. 

6) Go with your gut.  If something seems ‘off’ about the whole situation, don’t book.  This is a profession like any other and if your escort can’t get their act together enough to be responsive in emails, how will they be on the day of the booking?  Will they be late?  Not be prepared for the booking type you have requested?

7) Above all – have fun!  This is your opportunity to meet someone who perhaps your path wouldn’t cross with, if not for this demi-monde.  Enjoy the experience and take into your next encounter what worked well and what are areas that you may improve upon.

Wishing you a wonderful first adventure!

Carla xxx