Top 5 Reasons People become Sex Workers

Ok, I know what you are all thinking.  Money. Money. Money. Money. Money.  Guess what?  You’re wrong.  Sure the money is important (would you work for no pay?) but it’s not the be all and end all.

1. Money.  As above.  It is important just like your pay check is, but not everything.

2. Flexibility.  Many workers entered the industry as they needed more flexible hours.  Perhaps due to family commitments, or because of a chronic illness that can flare up.  How many other jobs let you take off as many days as you want with short notice, because you need time to heal?

3.  Sex.  Ok, I’ve said it.  Good sex is most definitely a bonus of this job!   Is there amazing chemistry with everyone?  No, but because your worker will usually initiate a conversation about what you like (and don’t), and what they enjoy, the encounter will often be really mutually pleasurable.

4. Being spoilt.  This is definitely a highlight!  I’ve drunk bottles of +$1,000 Champagne, been on a cruise, eaten at some of the world’s best restaurants – too many wonderful things to mention!

5. Being appreciated.  The amazing thank you messages I receive from clients after catching up warm my heart.  Many bookings are far more enjoyable than private dates I go on! I love knowing the people I spend time with value my presence and love the service I provide.. 

I adore this industry and all the wonderful people I meet in it!  Thank you all for making my experience so positive.

Love, Carla xxx